• Work with Isabelle to Create the Life of Your DREAMS!

    175 Canadian dollars
  • Totally Natural, Safe, Non-Invasive (No Harmful Lights: UVs, etc.)

    125 Canadian dollars
  • Bring more Balance and Flow into Your Home

    250 Canadian dollars

Life Optimization Coaching

4 Coaching Sessions ($650)

Re-Align Your Life

Work with Isabelle over a period of 4 sessions as she takes your through her 4 step process (and beyond) to help you align with & begin to manifest the Life of Your Dreams!

8 Coaching Sessions ($1200)


Am I dreaming? Is this really my life? Work with Isabelle over 8 sessions to make the life of your dreams, your new reality. It only gets better!

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12 Coaching Sessions ($1700)


Your possibilities are limitless! There really is no limit to how magical your life can be as you work with Isabelle over a series of 12 Coaching Sessions.

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